Absent WithOut Leave From the Web of Life


In 1992, President George H W Bush went to the Earth Summit in Brazil and declared, “The American way of life is not negotiable.”


The US wages never-ending war in order to protect the “American Way of Life” (AWOL), which requires a reliable and endless supply of petroleum.

The Pentagon is the worlds’ largest consumer of petroleum, so the control of the world’s oil is necessary in order to allow the military to control the world’s oil to protect AWOL. Catch 22.

Half of the Pentagon’s oil is consumed by the Air Force, and 85% of that is used to move personnel, equipment and fuel around the world in order to control the oil to fuel the military to protect AWOL. Catch 22.

Which means that the defense of AWOL is the leading cause of the global warming and ecological devastation which is undermining and destroying AWOL. Catch 22.

The US military budget is now more than a Trillion dollars a year and larger than all the other military budgets on earth combined, requiring well more than half of total government revenues (that means your hard-earned money). This non-productive use of financial resources leaves the US well behind even “developing” nations in serving the common good, and undermines the economic health of the nation.

Which means that the “defense” of AWOL is the leading cause of economic collapse, lack of basic social services that every other industrialized democracy offers its citizens, global pollution, global warming and the consequent destruction of AWOL. Catch 22.

The US Navy is the world’s largest consumer of diesel fuel, and now the largest user of “green” biodiesel from genetically-modified soybeans which we can’t sell to the EU because they don’t trust its safety and which is displacing heirloom food crops and contributing to food shortages and escalating food prices.

Which means that the defense of AWOL is a major cause of global hunger, displacement and social unrest that fuels terrorism, which is a threat to, and hence requires the defense of, AWOL. Catch 22.

by Robert Riversong: may be reproduced with attribution for non-commercial purposes

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