One of the most important contributions to solving the JFK Assassination Mystery (which is hardly a mystery any longer) is from James H. Fetzer, Distinguished McKnight Professor of Philosophy at the University of Minnesota, editor of three books on the death of JFK, Assassination Science (1998), Murder in Dealey Plaza (2000), and The Great Zapruder Film Hoax (2003), and co-author of a fourth – American Assassination (2004) – on the death of Senator Paul Wellstone.

[DISCLAIMER: I believe that Fetzer’s contributions to JFK assassination research are well worth considering, but I no longer trust the integrity, the rationality, or even the sanity of this now-elderly man. I have recently discovered, through conversation with Fetzer on a public discussion forum and through further investigation, that he believes that both the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre and the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing were staged events by crisis actors, that no one was really killed, and that all US moon landings were faked.]

James H. Fetzer

James H. Fetzer

As he notes in Veterans Today, December 2, 2012, he feels he has “Clowns to the left, jokers to the right, and he’s stuck in the middle” where rationality and common sense have been overshadowed by the need for an “official” narrative that exonerates the real villains and serves the hidden purposes of our shadow government (apologies to Steelers Wheel).

Clowns & Jokers

“As a professional philosopher of science, I am doing what I can to apply the principles of scientific reasoning to the assassination of JFK …in order to carry them from ‘theories’ in the weak sense of conjectures and speculations to ‘theories’ in the strong sense of empirically testable, explanatory hypotheses, as I have laid them out in… “Reasoning about Assassinations”, which I presented at Cambridge and published in an international, peer-reviewed journal.”

“There I explain how, simply by establishing where JFK was hit in the back, it is possible to refute the ‘magic bullet’ theory and establish the existence of multiple shooters in Dealey Plaza, since the bullet actually hit about 5.5″ below the collar to the right of the spinal column at a downward angle with no point of exit.  Since it did not pass through his neck – which turns out to have been anatomically impossible, as David W. Mantik, MD PhD, has shown – we have to account for the wounds to his throat and to Connally on the basis of other shots and other shooters.”

The following is excerpted from Reasoning about Assassinations: Critical Thinking in Political Contexts [click for PDF], by James H. Fetzer, published in the International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 3, 2005/2006.

“The application of logic, critical thinking, and principles of scientific reasoning, involving collaboration between physicians, scientists, photographic analysts, and philosophers has transformed our knowledge of the death of JFK. Since 1992, a research group I organized has discovered that the autopsy X-rays have been altered, that someone else’s brain has been substituted, that a home movie of the assassination [the famous Zapruder film] has been recreated, and that the alleged assassin, Lee Oswald, was framed using manufactured evidence.”

“This approach, which may be called ‘assassination science’, benefits from applying the pattern of reasoning known as ‘inference to the best explanation’ to important and controversial deaths, where political motivation may have contributing to bringing them about. By focusing on the ‘best evidence’ – the autopsy Xrays, the autopsy report and  photographs, the physical evidence (including the alleged assassination weapon), and other crucial evidence – we have undertaken a reconstruction of the case from the most basic evidence up, with special consideration for separating the authentic from the inauthentic evidence.”

“As a novel area of application that might be viewed as ‘applied philosophical research’, assassination science is establishing that the humanities in this new guise can make more than an incidental contribution to the solution of important mysteries in history.”

“My background as philosopher of science who was also a former commissioned officer in the Marine Corps may have placed me in an appropriate position to pursue a case of this kind…”

Levels of Possibility and Plausibility

Levels of Possibility and Plausibility

Fetzer examines the extensive documentation of the President’s wounds to determine which evidence has been fabricated, altered or hidden. He notes that the 1976-1978 House Special Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) had already determined that Gerald Ford, a member of the Warren Commission (and later President following Nixon’s resignation), had the description of Kennedy’s back wound changed from “his uppermost back”, which was already an exaggeration, to “the back of his neck” in order to make the “magic bullet” theory remotely plausible. That theory, which stipulates that the same bullet that entered Kennedy’s back exited his throat and continued to inflict five separate injuries to Governor Connally, requires that it not contact any bony structures in the President’s neck in order to maintain sufficient momentum.

But CAT scan analysis by David W. Mantik, MD PhD, recreating the “magic bullet” trajectory through the President’s neck, proves that “the core of the official account is not only false but provably false and not even anatomically possible! It follows that JFK’s throat wound and the wounds to John Connally had to have been caused by separate shots and separate shooters and could not have been inflicted by a lone assassin firing from above and behind.”

Dr. Mantik's CAT Scan Recreation of Back & Neck Wounds

Dr. Mantik’s CAT Scan Recreation of Back & Neck Wounds

Dr. David W. Mantik is a board-certified radiation oncologist, the Director of Radiation Oncology at Eisenhower Memorial Hospital, formerly an Assistant Professor of Radiation Science at Loma Linda University, California, with a Ph.D. in physics.

David W. Mantik, MD PhD

David W. Mantik, MD PhD

“Our research has not only falsified the ‘magic bullet’ hypothesis and thereby exposed the fraud at the foundation of the government’s official account but has also led to the discovery of complementary deceptions in the death of JFK. The most important are that the autopsy X-rays have been fabricated (a) to conceal the massive blow-out to the back of the head that more than forty eyewitnesses reported and (b) to add a 6.5 mm metallic slice in an apparent effort to implicate an obscure World War II Italian Mannlicher-Carcano as the weapon used (Figure 9). A world authority on the human brain, Robert B. Livingston, M.D., has concluded that the brain shown in diagrams and photographs held in the National Archives cannot possibly be the brain of JFK.”

Dr. Mantik's Autopsy X-Ray

Fetzer concludes: “On the basis of our extended research, we have established that JFK was hit at least four times: once in the throat from in front; once in the back from behind; and twice in the head, once from the back and once from in front; and that Connally was hit from one to three times, where at least three shots seem to have missed. A total of eight, nine, or ten shots appear to have been fired from six different locations.”

One of Many Possible Gunshot Sequences

“In collaboration with other experts, including John P. Costella, PhD, we have also discovered that the home movie of the assassination, known as ‘the Zapruder film’, has been recreated using sophisticated techniques of optical printing and special effects.”

“We have also discovered more than fifteen indications of Secret Service complicity in setting JFK up for the hit, including failing to weld manhole covers, failure to cover open windows, allowing the crowd to spill over into the street, adopting an improper motorcade route, ordering the vehicles in the wrong sequence, keeping motorcycle patrolmen to the rear of the limousine, bringing the limousine to a halt after bullets began to be fired, washing blood and brains from the limousine at Parkland, taking the autopsy photographs and X-rays from the physicians prior to completing their work, having the limousine stripped down and completely rebuilt. The probability that these things happened ‘by chance’ is vanishingly small.”

“The conclusions that can be drawn from the authentic evidence are rather profound. The Mafia, which may have put up some of the shooters for the assassination, could not have extended its reach into Bethesda Naval Hospital to alter X-rays under the control of U.S. Navy medical officers, agents of the Secret Service, or the President’s personal physician. Neither pro- nor anti-Castro Cubans could have substituted the brain of someone else for that of JFK during a supplemental autopsy. And even if the KGB, like the CIA, had the ability to recreate a film, it could not have obtained a copy of the Zapruder film to alter it. Nor could any of these things have been done by Lee Harvey Oswald, who was incarcerated or already dead. Similar reasoning based upon the application of inference to the best explanation, alas!, leaves no reasonable doubt that setting up JFK for the hit and altering the evidence to conceal the true causes of his death must have involved elements at the highest levels of the U.S. government.”

Shadow Government

Naming the Assassins

On November 22, 2013, the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, James Fetzer organized, and gave the keynote presentation at, a conference in Santa Barbara CA, at which he named the six shooters in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963.

(1) The first shot that hit, which struck Kennedy in the back, appears to have been fired from the top of the County Records Building by Dallas Deputy Sheriff Harry Weatherford. He used a silenced 30.06 to fire a Mannlicher-Carcano (.256 cal) bullet fitted with a plastic collar known as a sabot, which hit JFK 5.5″ below the shoulder just to the right of the spinal column. This was a shallow wound with no point of exit. This is also consistent with the 30.06 shell with a strange crimp found on the roof by a maintenance man in 1975.

Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig, who insists he found a Mauser 7.65 rifle in the TSBD, also placed Deputy Sheriff Weatherford on the roof of the County Records Building on orders from Dallas County Sheriff Bill Decker.

Harry Weatherford

(2) Jack Lawrence, a U.S. Air Force marksman, who had gone to work for the automobile dealership that provided vehicles for the presidential motorcade just a few days before the assassination, fired the shot that passed through the windshield and struck JFK in the throat from the south end of the Triple Underpass.

Jack Lawrence working for the Downtown Lincoln-Mercury car dealership in Dallas. claimed that Lee Harvey Oswald asked to test-drive a car in early November, and that he reported the incident to the FBI. On November 21, 1963, Lawrence borrowed one of the firm’s cars, and failed to turn up for work the following day. According to Jim Marrs (Crossfire): “about thirty minutes after the assassination, he came hustling through the company’s show room, pale and sweating with mud on his clothes, rushed into the men’s room and threw up. He told co-workers he had been ill that morning, and that he had tried to drive the car back to the dealership but had to park it due to the heavy traffic. Later, employees found the car parked behind the wooden picket fence on top of the Grassy Knoll overlooking Dealey Plaza.”

According to Beverly Oliver, Lawrence was a regular at the Jack Ruby’s Carousel Club.

Jack Lawrence

(3) Nestor “Tony” Izquierdo, an anti-Castro Cuban recruited by the CIA, fired the shot that hit JFK in the back of the head after the limousine was brought to a halt. He fired three shots with two misses using a Mannlicher-Carcano, which were the only unsilenced shots fired, from the Dal-Tex Building, which housed a uranium mining corporation, Dallas Uranium and Oil, that was a CIA front.

Izquierdo was a member of Brigade 2506 in the Bay of Pigs invasion and was involved in the CIA-funded anti-Sandinista counter-revolution in Nicaragua.

Statue of Tony

(4) Roscoe White, a Dallas police officer with ties to the CIA, fired from the grassy knoll adjoining the motorcade route, but seems to have “pulled his shot,” Fetzer said, “because it would have hit Jackie, so his shot went into the grass.”  His son subsequently discovered his diary, but gave it to the FBI and it has not been seen since. According to his son, the diary says that White also killed Officer Tippit.

Roscoe White was in the Marine Corps at the same Atsugi, Japan U-2 base where Oswald was stationed in 1957. He joined the Dallas Police Force in September, 1963. Soon afterwards, his wife Geneva White, claimed that she overheard her husband and Jack Ruby plotting the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

On September 4, 1990, Roscoe’s son, Ricky White, revealed to a meeting at the University of Texas that his father had been involved in killing the president: “The diary said after my father shot the President he handed his 7.65 Mauser to the man standing beside him, hurled over the fence, took the film from the military man, whirled around the fence and went through the parking lot.” Ricky White added that Lee Harvey Oswald had also taken part but had not fired any of the shots.

Roscoe White

(5) Malcolm “Mac” Wallace, who shot from the Dallas Book Depository, may have murdered a dozen people for Lyndon B. Johnson. “Mac” appears to have fired from the west side of the book depository at Texas Governor John Connally in the mistaken belief he was Sen. Ralph Yarborough, whom LBJ despised. Wallace’s fingerprint was found on one of the boxes in the “assassin’s lair” in the book depository from which Oswald allegedly fired.

Mac Wallace had been a US Marine, and met LBJ and got a job with the USDA in Texas in 1950. He also had an affair with LBJ’s sister, Josepha. Wallace was convicted of the murder of Josepha’s other lover, who was blackmailing LBJ, but the judge reduced a possible death or life sentence to five years, suspended, and released him.

Barr McClellan, father of G.W. Bush White House press secretary Scott McClellan, and law partner with LBJ confidant and legal counsel Edward Clark, claims that Clark recruited Wallace to organize the assassination of John F. Kennedy, paid for by oil millionaires such as Clint Murchison and Haroldson L. Hunt.


(6) Frank Sturgis (born Frank Angelo Fiorini), later convicted for the Watergate robbery, connected to the CIA since 1958 when he was a gun runner for Castro and then for anti-Castro Cubans and organizer of the Bay of Pigs invasion, is said by Fetzer to have fired from the north end of the Triple Underpass the shot that entered Kennedy’s right temple. Sturgis is known to have ties to Meyer Lansky and Santos Trafficante, and confessed his role to a New York City Gold Shield Detective when he was arrested attempting to kill Marita Lorenz, the mistress of Fidel Castro, whom he had earlier recruited to assassinate the Cuban leader.

Sturgis had been in the Marines, the Naval Reserve and the Army, doing intelligence work, and went to Cuba in 1958 where he taught Che Guevara and other 26th of July Movement rebel soldiers guerrilla warfare, and was director of security and intelligence for the Cuban air force before turning against Castro.

Frank Sturgis

There were shooters at six different locations with up to 10 shots fired, three of which missed. JFK was hit four different times: in the back from behind, in the throat from in front, and twice in the head (first back, then front) after the driver had brought the car to a halt to make sure JFK would be killed. Another shot missed and injured bystander James Tague, while one or more shots hit Connally.

The Sequence:

1 – (CR B) JFK back – Deputy Sheriff Harry Weatherford, 30.06 with Mannlicher-Carcano bullet

2 – (TUP-S) JFK throat – Jack Lawrence, a U.S. Air Force marksman

3 – (D-T B) Main Street curb, injured Tague – Nestor “Tony” Izquierdo, anti-Castro Cuban (the only unsilenced shots – the three that most witnesses heard)

4 – (TSBD-W) John Connally  back – Malcolm “Mac” Wallace, former Marine, LBJ associate

5 – (GK-F) – Roscoe White, Dallas police officer with CIA ties, pulled shot to avoid hitting Jackie (bullet found in grass)

6 – (D-T B) JFK head rear – Nestor “Tony” Izquierdo

7 – (TUP-N) JFK head front – Frank Sturgis, Watergate burglar, CIA asset

8 – (D-T B) chrome windshield strip – Nestor “Tony” Izquierdo

Shooter Locations

Shooter Locations

CR B = County Records Building roof
D-T B = Dal-Tex Building, Dallas Uranium and Oil, CIA front
TSBD-W = Texas School Book Depository, sixth floor West end
TSBD-E = Texas School Book Depository, sixth floor East end (“sniper’s lair”) no shots fired
GK-F = Grassy Knoll Fence
TUP-N = Triple Underpass, north end
TUP-S = Triple Underpass, south end

Right up to the time of the assassination, Oswald was a paid FBI informant, collecting $200 a month.

As for the motivation to kill JFK, Fetzer noted that he was threatening to shatter the CIA into a thousand pieces, that the Joint Chiefs believed he was soft on communism, that the Mafia was unhappy because Attorney General Robert Kennedy was cracking down on organized crime, that he was going to abolish the FED and cut the oil depletion allowance.

In other words, President Kennedy had made enemies out of almost every power faction in the United States.

Fetzer said Vice President Johnson, who had forced his way onto the ticket with JFK in 1960, and feared that Kennedy was going to replace him with Robert Kennedy on the 1964 ticket, “was a pivotal player” facilitating the assassination. LBJ sent his chief administrative assistant, Cliff Carter, down to Dallas to make sure all the arrangements for the assassination were in place, and his close friend J. Edgar Hoover used the FBI to cover it up. George H.W. Bush, a CIA asset through his Zapata Oil Offshore company, was not only in Dealey Plaza but took an active role in carrying out the plot.


by Robert Riversong: may be reproduced with attribution for non-commercial purposes

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2 Responses to “Assassination Science Exposes Official Complicity & Cover-Up”

  1. Brad Parker said

    Six shooters and ten shots? Wow that is an almost unbelievably large operation. I’m acquainted with Dr. Fetzer and his various views on different aspects of this case, having encountered him a number of times at research conferences in Dallas. I do not agree with some of his positions on various issues, but that’s the nature of the research community, and I certainly respect his work and all he did for my late friend, Dr. Charles Crenshaw. Having spent my time on the Kennedy case studying what the trauma team at Parkland encountered, I cannot speak to many of Dr. Fetzer’s conclusions, and would certainly never attack his motives, conclusions, or the man himself (I’m a damned road cop, and he’s the one with Ph.D. behind his name), but I would really need more than this to accept his narrative when compared with the wounds as described to me by the Parkland trauma team. But I wish Dr. Fetzer the best and hope our paths one day cross again.

  2. Riversong said

    Actually, six shooters staged at various locations for a moving target is not a very large operation of this type, for a covert assassination operation that had already missed its first opportunity in Chicago 20 days earlier (the civil authorities were possibly tipped off by JFK admirer Lee Harvey Oswald, who was then set up as the patsy in Plan B).

    King family Attorney William F. Pepper, proved to a jury in civil court in 1999 that Martin Luther King, a fixed target on a second-floor balcony, was assassinated using a “plausibly deniable” mafia gunman in the bushes backed up by a six-man US Army sniper team on the firehouse rooftop (Special Forces Alpha 184 Team).

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