Introduction and Table of Contents

May 14, 2011

I am Robert Riversong, prophet [1], teacher, guide, midwife [2]

for a world struggling to be born.

You are a spark of the universal flame. Welcome to the journey.


Who Am I?

Latest Essays:

Yellow Journalism and the Meme of “Rape Culture” – Rolling Stone and U-VA Gang Rape

Journalistic Fabulism and Ideological Agendas - the Sabrina Rubin Erdely Story

Trouble in the Heartland – Ferguson MO

  • History and Demographics of Ferguson
  • Segregation and Discrimination
  • History of Police Abuse (including a bizarre but revealing incident)
  • Video of Wilson & Past Use-of-Force Complaint (his overbearing style of policing)
  • The Michael Brown Incident
  • Dorian Johnson as a Mirror of Missouri Racism
  • The Confrontation
  • Inconsistencies and Incredulities in Wilson’s Account:
  • Chaos Ensues
  • Police & Prosecutor Missteps
  • The Prosecutor’s Bias
  • Witness Statements that Contradict Wilson’s Account
  • Physical/Forensic Evidence that Contradicts Officer Wilson’s Account
  • Darren Wilson’s Evolving Story
  • Transcripts show Darren Wilson Lied to the Grand Jury
  • Inadequate Conclusion
  • NYC and Cleveland Also Under the Microscope
  • Data Trail of Racial Disparity in Police Shootings of Civilians
  • Addendum:
    • Reflections on Police Violence & Lack of Accountability by Frank Serpico
    • Is Independent Civilian Oversight Independent?

Rites, Rights, Writes of Passage

The Art of Surrender

Of Prophets and Hope

Preparing for the Shift

A Collective Rite of Passage

From Shadow to Rainbow

Altimeter Readers and Parachute Packers

Out of Equilibrium – Into the Maelstrom

Crossing the Threshold – Charles Eisenstein

A More than Human World – David Abrams

The Danger of Normality: From the Ideal to the Normal – From Diversity to Abnormality

Easy Hope & False Optimism

The Greening and UnGreening of the World

What Does “Green” Really Mean?

A New Green History of the World – Clive Ponting

Health Impacts of a Grain-Based Agriculture

1493: The Reknitting of Pangaea

Gaia and the Dying of Anima Mundi  – Animate Earth, Stephan Harding

Collision Course with the Future – based on Gus Speth’s The Bridge at the Edge of the World

The Lost Language of Plants – Stephen Harrod Buhner

Earth as a Sacred Trust

Thinking Like a Mountain

The Thermodynamics of an Intelligent Living Universe

Electro-Pollution May be the Greatest Threat to the Biosphere

The End of the World – Bibliography of Collapse

How to Survive the Crash and Save the Earth – Ran Prieur

Wendell Berry’s Criteria for Appropriate Technology

History, Politics, Science & Religion

How Beer Invented the World

The Myth of Virgin America

The Luddite Tradition or The Critique of the Technological Paradigm – a bibliography

Thomas Paine’s Radicalism

Ideas are not Property

Standing by Words

Science & Secular Humanism

Science & Religion – Locking Horns

Death by Medicine

Ebola as Metaphor: The Ebola Virus Threatens Human Claims to Evolutionary Superiority

The U.S. is AWOL

History of US Government Surveillance

America was Born of Conspiracy Theory – From the Declaration of Independence to 9/11

Civil War: The Conquest of Agrarianism by Industrialism

The Right of Secession – Lincoln as Tyrant

Economic Secession – War Tax Resistance

Short History of Property, Labor, Wealth, Profit & Taxation

The Myth of Corporate Personhood

Five essays on the takeover of American democracy by corporations and how we can – and must – take it back for We the People.

The Pernicious Fiction of Corporate Personhood Corporations are Not People Justice Lewis Powell and the Rise of the Corporate State “A Constant Preference of Public to Private Interest” The People’s Rights Amendment

Network Marketing is NOT the same as Networking

Algorithms and Red Wine: Is the ‘Digital Hive’ a Soft Totalitarian State? and Bitter Tales from the Massive White Underclass – by Joe Bageant

On the Perennial Conflict in Palestine:

Israel and Palestine – No Right to Exist: Israel claims an inalienable “right to exist” while denying the right of a Palestinian state to exist

Israel’s War on Hamas – Israel’s War against Peace

An Illustrated History of Palestine

Zionism and Nazism – and Israeli Support for War Criminals and Human Rights Abusers

Men, Women and the Gender War:

When Progressive Social Change Becomes Regressive Ideology: From Women’s Liberation to Cultural Misandry – ReHonoring Masculinity & Achieving Gender Justice

Misandric Feminism vs. Progressive Gender Equality (excerpt of above)

Male Victims of Sexual Violence

Yellow Journalism and the Meme of “Rape Culture” – Rolling Stone and U-VA Gang Rape

America’s Gun Culture

Lead, Crime & Societal Breakdown – A Cautionary Tale of Unintended Consequences

Guns, Race, the Law & Public Opinion – The Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman Case

The Guns of Columbine

Ceremonial Violence – School Rampage Shootings

The NRA Story: From Rifle Club to Extremist Gun Rights Lobby: How the National Rifle Association evolved from a Shooting Club to a Terrorist Organization

District of Columbia v. Heller – A Radical Decision that Created a Middle Path

The Real Second Amendment

Cliven Bundy – Folk Hero or Scapegoat?

Sandy Hook: The Real Story

The Isla Vista Rampage & The Abuse of Tragedy for Ideological Agendas

Trouble in the Heartland – Ferguson MO

On the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy:

The Coup d’État against JFK: The CIA Killed Peace in 1963

JFK’s Race for Peace

JFK & Fidel Castro – The Promise of Revolutionary Co-Existence

CIA Conspiracy to Kill JFK – from JFK and the Unspeakable

Mark Lane’s Brief in Defense of Lee Harvey Oswald

The Jack Ruby Connection

The JFK Assassination – Official Complicity

The JFK Assassination – Inconsistencies with the Lone Gunman Theory

JFK – The Assassin’s Rifle & The “Magic Bullet”

Assassination Science Exposes Official Complicity & Cover-Up and Names the Assassins

JFK Assassination Plan A – The Chicago Plot

The (Too) Many Faces of Lee Harvey Oswald

The Strange and Revelatory Saga of Rose Cheramie

The Threads of Conspiracy Unravel

L. Fletcher Prouty’s Letter to Jim Garrison (an insider’s exposé of the CIA)

RFK – The Other Kennedy Assassination

My other blogs are:

Riversong HouseWright – A Home for Sensible Homes (Riversong’s Radical Reflections on Shelter) aVERTa Vertical Emergency Response Training Notes: [1] There is a generalized misperception in these modern, “post-prophetic” days about what it means to be a prophet. The most common misunderstanding is that it displays some kind of arrogance to label oneself a “prophet”. But nothing could be further from the truth. One does not decide to become a prophet, as one might choose to take on a profession. One is given the role by the Spirit of the Universe, and can choose only to accept it in humility or to reject one’s destiny. The calling often comes in the midst of some sort of Vision Quest, as it did in my case. And to accept the role of seeing and describing what most cannot see, are afraid to confront, and spend their lives in hiding from, is to accept being an outcast. As it has been said, a prophet is never welcome in his own time. But I was also born into a prophetic tradition. My direct lineal ancestor, Yaakov Yitzchak of Lublin (in what is now Poland but was then part of Bohemia), also known as the Choseh (seer or visionary) of Lublin (1745-1815), is considered to be among the greatest of Hebrew prophets, on par with the biblical Isaiah. And I have always accepted my destiny regardless of the personal cost. An essay which expands on my own understanding of the role of prophet in the modern world is Of Prophets and Hope. [2] Socrates, through the writings of Plato, understood that knowledge was eternal and available to every soul, that the trauma of birth causes a forgetting, and that only through an act of anamnesis (from Greek ana “back” + mimneskesthai “call to mind”) can we remember what we always knew. The Socratic method, then, was a means of helping others re-member their dis-membered soul, of giving birth to the eternal knowledge (logos) that was corrupted by our bodily birth – and therefore a true teacher or guide is but a midwife, assisting in the rebirth of what was always most deeply and eternally real. Knowledge, as differentiated from “true belief” (doxa, “opinion”) and from dogma (imposed belief), can be achieved through katharsis (“cleansing” or “purification”), by contemplating with the soul (noesis), and experiencing gnosis (spiritual knowing). This is somewhat like the maxim of Sherlock Holmes: “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” As a midwife in the Socratic sense, I do not traffic in mere opinions (doxa), challenge any and all beliefs (dogma), and accept as true only that which can be directly and immediately known – what some today call Heart Knowledge.

5 Responses to “Introduction and Table of Contents”

  1. Wow! What an AMAZING blog! I LOVE it! That poem by John Squadra is beautiful. Dare I say it? It STONES me.

  2. smalld said

    I feel obliged to comment.
    I have been thinking lately about the “Modern Western” cultural norm of creating ‘barriers’ to our given environments when it comes to built structures. I have for a long time often wondered if there needs to be a very clear paradigm shift in the building and design field toward the approach to modern (sic) shelter that recognizes the reality of an INTERACTIVE model/process with any given environment and actively moves beyond the industry driven consumer illusions of what shelter/home/workplace is or ‘should be – based on these ‘Barriers.” We have an entire planet of interaction staring us in the face as an example.
    You are indeed one of the few out there that recognizes this need for a paradigm shift.
    Nothing humans now undertake is sustainable, just as nothing is permanent, but the opportunity for something ‘appropriate’ still has an opportunity to manifest.

    thanx smalld

  3. Riversong said

    smalld: Thanks for your comment and perceptions about the need to shift our thinking on shelter as a gateway rather than a barrier to the natural world.

    As a pioneer designer/builder of passive solar super-insulated, relatively natural, healthy and affordable homes for the past 30 years, and an instructor of sustainable design and construction for the past six years, I’ve also given these issues a great deal of attention.

    My philosophy on shelter is spelled out in my other blog, Riversong HouseWright – A Home for Sensible Homes. The essays numbered 1 to 10 are a series I was invited to write for I’ve added an introduction (#00) to complete “Riversong’s Radical Reflections on Shelter”. I invite you (and others) to peruse them.

  4. humann said

    bro, that prophet thing is nonsense but I see from reading about a bit that I do agree with you on several core issues. so thank you for the articulate expositions–they’re probably better than I could muster and post on any given day. that said, you’re a straight-up crazy hippy but I welcome you as my brother in these troubled times.

  5. Riversong said

    humann: Isaiah said a prophet is the “eyes of a nation”. In truth, a prophet is also the voice of the conscience of a nation (as in a people, not necessarily a nation-state), for eyes alone are worthless if they are mute.

    A prophet is merely one who has been gifted with eyes that see what most are either blind to or refuse to recognize, and the courage to give voice to that truth regardless of how willing others will be to hear it, if that truth is necessary to guide a people back to the path of right-living.

    The “hippies” were a generation of lesser prophets who renounced the world as it was and demonstrated a more wholesome way to live – and the mainstream has absorbed a good deal of that tributary to the point where diversity and a freer field for love is now accepted.

    I am doing nothing more than what each of us is obliged to do: to return our gifts to the world around us so that the Law of Reciprocity is maintained.

    We have become a profoundly selfish world in which each uses their gifts for their own advantage rather than in service to the Greater Whole. And that is precisely our downfall as a species.

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