I am Robert Riversong, prophet, teacher, guide, midwife for a world struggling to be born.

You are a spark of the universal flame. Welcome to the journey.


What Does “Green” Really Mean?

Preparing for the Shift

A Collective Rite of Passage

From Shadow to Rainbow

Altimeter Readers and Parachute Packers

Of Prophets and Hope

The Art of Surrender

A New Green History of the World – Clive Ponting

Gaia and the Dying of Anima Mundi  – Animate Earth, Stephan Harding

Collision Course with the Future – based on Gus Speth’s The Bridge at the Edge of the World

Crossing the Threshold – Charles Eisenstein  Sacred Economics at Reality Sandwich

The Lost Language of Plants – Stephen Harrod Buhner

Out of Equilibrium – Into the Maelstrom

Earth as a Sacred Trust

Thinking Like a Mountain

Thomas Paine’s Radicalism

The Thermodynamics of an Intelligent Living Universe

Ideas are not Property

Standing by Words

Science & Secular Humanism

Science & Religion – Locking Horns

Death by Medicine

The U.S. is AWOL

The Real Second Amendment

Civil War: The Conquest of Agrarianism by Industrialism

Short History of Property, Labor, Wealth, Profit & Taxation

The Myth of Corporate Personhood

Five essays on the takeover of American democracy by corporations and how we can – and must – take it back for We the People.

  1. The Pernicious Fiction of Corporate Personhood
  2. Corporations are Not People
  3. Justice Lewis Powell and the Rise of the Corporate State
  4. “A Constant Preference of Public to Private Interest”
  5. The People’s Rights Amendment

The End of the World – Bibliography of Collapse

How Beer Invented the World

The Luddite Tradition in America (and elsewhere)

Health Impacts of a Grain-Based Agriculture

America’s Gun Culture

Lead, Crime & Societal Breakdown – A Cautionary Tale of Unintended Consequences

Guns, Race, the Law & Public Opinion – The Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman Case

The Guns of Columbine

Ceremonial Violence – School Rampage Shootings

The NRA Story: From Rifle Club to Extremist Gun Rights Lobby: How the National Rifle Association evolved from a Shooting Club to a Terrorist Organization

District of Columbia v. Heller – A Radical Decision that Created a Middle Path


On the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy:

The Coup d’État against JFK: The CIA Killed Peace in 1963

JFK’s Race for Peace

JFK & Fidel Castro – The Promise of Revolutionary Co-Existence

CIA Conspiracy to Kill JFK – from JFK and the Unspeakable

Mark Lane’s Brief in Defense of Lee Harvey Oswald

The Jack Ruby Connection

The JFK Assassination – Official Complicity

The JFK Assassination – Inconsistencies with the Lone Gunman Theory

JFK – The Assassin’s Rifle & The “Magic Bullet”

Assassination Science Exposes Official Complicity & Cover-Up and Names the Assassins

JFK Assassination Plan A – The Chicago Plot

The (Too) Many Faces of Lee Harvey Oswald

The Strange and Revelatory Saga of Rose Cheramie

The Threads of Conspiracy Unravel

L. Fletcher Prouty’s Letter to Jim Garrison (an insider’s exposé of the CIA)

RFK – The Other Kennedy Assassination

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Riversong HouseWright – A Home for Sensible Homes (Riversong’s Radical Reflections on Shelter)

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